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                will be posted in the coming weeks.

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General Audition Information

Each production has a separate audition and is usually up to the director as to the process.  The general audition process is usually as follows:

* Audition information will be provided by the artistic staff typically 2 weeks prior to the audition dates.

* Audition may include sides from the script and cuts from the

  score (if a musical).  You can chose what roles you want to read/sing

  for, if interested in an ensemble role you simply chose a gender  

  specific role from the audition packet.

* Usually musicals will require a basic dance/movement audition for

  anyone being considered for roles that require movement.

*  Most production will have open-call auditions, meaning anyone can

  audition for any role.  Typically  participants will be chosen from, not limited to, in and around  Nelson County

Bardstown Community Theatre is an equal-opportunity organization and will not discriminate based on age, race, orientation or physical disability.  Any one is eligible and encouraged to audition.

Currently there are no auditions