About Us:

The Bardstown Community Theatre started as the brain-child of Marcia Hume in 1982 not as a "place" but as a GROUP of like-minded, creative people to explore the world of theatre.  We incorporated and changed our name to BCT in 1984 as a non-profit organization.
EVERYONE involved in BCT is a VOLUNTEER! Not a single person is paid.
All ticket sales go right back into producing the NEXT show, paying for insurance, Warehouse storage, and up-keep on lighting and sound instruments.
​As we have no dedicated theatre space to call our own, typically we preform our shows on the stage of the Nelson County Civic Center, although other venues have been used.
It really does take a village...and while over the past our village has gotten very, very small...there are still a few determined to be here for future thespians.